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Amethyst 🟣 is often associated with clarity of mind 🧠, serenity 😌, and tranquility ☮️. In crystal healing practices, it is attributed with purifying virtues 🌀, capable of calming the body and mind 🕊️, and promoting intuition 🌟, emotional balance 🌈, and meditation 🧘‍♂️.

It is also known to help overcome addictions 🚫 and emotional blockages 💔.

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Topics :

Nature, indoor vegetation, herbalism, chakra energy, lithotherapy and power of intentions

Downloadable instruction sheets

Inspirational videos

30-week personal development challenge

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Topics :

White magic, Tarot, Numerology, Crystals, Angels, Runes, Astrology and more

Downloadable instruction sheets

Inspirational videos

3 complete training courses

Tarot - 5 modules

Feng Shui - 8 modules

White Magic - 8 modules

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Topics :

White magic, Tarot, Numerology, Crystals, Angels, personal development

Guides gratuits:

Des ressources indispensables à portée de main!

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Accès à une mine de connaissances sans vider votre porte-monnaie!

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Explorez des contenus riches et approfondis pour répondre à tous vos besoins!

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Une offre tout-en-un pour une expérience enrichissante et sans compromis!

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