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Love & Relationship Set - 10 pieces

Included in this lot:

🦄 4 Rhodonite & Rhodocrosite stones

as seen in photo

🦄 3 keys to happiness

🦄 2 rose quartz pendant on black rope

(Owls & shape as seen in photo)

🦄 1 7 chakra pyramid in Rose Quartz

The size of this piece is:

Overall: 85x82x25mm;

Pyramid: 22x22x25mm

Tip: 26x8mm


Ebook imager of 30 crystals in PDF format which will be sent to you by email 24 hours after your purchase

Value $19.95

Total value of: $119.95

Sold price: $49.95

NOTE: Please note that the photo shows exactly what you will have.

Very nice gift to give!

I want to see all the crystals in inventory

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Love & Relationship Set - 10 pieces

C$119.95 Regular Price
C$49.95Sale Price
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