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Set of 3 pieces

Pendant on chain with pair of earrings


Note that each stone is unique, the colors may vary slightly from the photo but very little.

A stone that brings happiness, creating emotional balance. It helps to concentrate the mind and aids in decision making. Reduces feelings of depression and loneliness. Supports healthy function of the spleen, pancreas, kidneys and gallbladder

Carnelian is well known for its ability to ignite the creative fire. Let it diffuse its orange energy within you: it will activate your lower chakras to stimulate the flow of vital forces.

Thus, its effect on the root chakra will first help to restore your tone, and above all a deep confidence in life.

Connecting you to the material aspects of existence, it will help you reconnect with your power of action in matter.

With it, you will know that you are capable of solving your problems and moving towards a life that suits you. You just need to take it step by step!

This concrete energy will also help you think pragmatically. This small but effective carnelian tumbled stone will indeed make you approach every challenge with a clear and creative mind.

Not content with sharpening your intellectual abilities, carnelian will also awaken your inventiveness, stimulating new ideas and innovative projects. If you are lacking inspiration, whether at work or in an artistic activity, carnelian will be your best ally.

Carnelian Set

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