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Set of 3 pieces

Pendant on chain with pair of earrings


Note that each stone is unique, the colors may vary slightly from the photo but very little.

This stone propagates pure and powerful energy. Useful for resolving multiple daily concerns, it brings positive energy, clarity of mind and rids its wearer of negative energies. It maintains the balance between body and mind

This stone, also called rock crystal, is ideal if you are looking for a luminous stone to energize and purify your life. Rock crystal, or translucent quartz, is a central stone in lithotherapy.

It is indeed renowned for its very strong vibrations and its balancing powers. It can also be used to recharge other stones (just like amethyst, which also belongs to the quartz family).

The proximity of quartz amplifies the vibrations of your body. In fact, rock crystal resonates with your energy and allows you to fluidify it and make it circulate.

A healing stone, quartz allows you to harmonize all your chakras.

Quartz has the same effect on the energies circulating in your home: it helps energetically clean a room and protects it from negative influences. You will like to keep this stone in your bedroom to balance the energies circulating there and ensure restful sleep.

The rock crystal stone allows you to develop your intuition, your gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience. It helps you concentrate and allows you to go further in your meditation sessions.

This mineral also brings comfort and helps to ward off stress. It also builds self-confidence and helps you make decisions. Through its invigorating powers, it strengthens the immune system and helps preserve health.

Set - Clear Quartz

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