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Set of 3 pieces

Pendant on chain with pair of earrings


Note that each stone is unique, the colors may vary slightly from the photo but very little.

It is the best stone that protects against all negative energies.

Tourmaline is known to improve understanding of life's obstacles and increase self-confidence.

It helps with concentration and communication as well as neutralizing negative energies. It helps calm nerves, pain, promote balance and self-confidence.

It will instill in you this energy of confidence essential to personal and spiritual growth.

The stone reminds us that, even in the darkness, the light is there, that in the heart of the shadows there always shines a light.

To integrate our mistakes to evolve and, ultimately, be happier.

You can therefore call on this stone to digest your emotions, and soothe your traumas and deep wounds. Solid and caring, it will open the energetic space necessary for healing.

So, allow your anger or sorrow to surface. The stone will give you the courage necessary to accept these confusing and complex feelings in order to better learn from them.

An excellent stone of comfort in the face of intense emotions, tourmaline will generally be an excellent ally if you are going through a psychologically difficult phase.

It will encourage you to explore, to go on adventures, to embark on the experiences that you really want to have, beyond your comfort.

A stone of confidence and self-control, it will also help you cultivate discipline and keep your mind focused on your goals, big and small. So equip yourself with tourmaline to accomplish your daily tasks, but also to move towards your dreams with involvement and determination.

Set -Black Tourmaline

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