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Immerse yourself in the gentle vibrations of Reiki energy with our Reiki Energy Pack, carefully designed to help balance your energies and revitalize your entire being.

This harmonious lot includes a selection of natural stones, a red jasper pendant, a new book on Reiki and 2 guidance cards from your spiritual guides, specially chosen for their ability to bring you healing, positivity and vitality.

📚 New Book on Reiki : Explore the fundamentals of Reiki, learn energy healing techniques, and discover how to use the power of this ancient practice to restore harmony in your life. This book will guide you through the different treatment methods, hand positions and sacred symbols of Reiki, allowing you to master this form of holistic healing.

🌿 Unakite - Stone of Positivity : Unakite is a beautiful stone that combines the calming energies of green and the comforting vibrations of pink. It helps you release emotional blockages, cultivate self-love and attract positivity into your life. Let yourself be enveloped by its nourishing and regenerating energy.

🌟 Aventurine - Healing Stone : Aventurine is a powerful healing stone that brings calm and serenity to your mind. It helps you release stress, balance your emotions and open your heart to unconditional love. Let its gentle energy guide you towards a state of well-being and inner harmony.

🔥 Carnelian - Stone of Energy and Vitality : Carnelian is a dynamic stone that stimulates your vital energy and helps you rediscover your passion and motivation. It awakens your creativity, strengthens your self-confidence and gives you the courage to move forward with determination. Let its radiant warmth inspire you to live each moment to the fullest.

💎 Red Jasper Pendant : Red jasper is a stone of anchor and stability that connects you to the earth and helps you stay centered in times of turbulence. Wear this beautiful pendant to feel grounded and in harmony with your surroundings. Let its strength and stability support you on your spiritual journey.

🔮 2 Guidance Cards from Your Spiritual Guides : Receive inspiring messages and caring advice from your spiritual guides with these 2 guidance cards. Let yourself be guided by their celestial wisdom and open yourself to the divine guidance that surrounds you.

Immerse yourself in the beneficial energy of Reiki with our Reiki Energy Pack, and let yourself be enveloped by the softness and power of these natural stones.

Give yourself the gift of healing, positivity and vitality, and open yourself to the profound transformation that awaits you.

Healing with Reiki

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