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The Angélique Féérique 🌟 draw has a specific goal:

Help you get clarification about a specific question you have on a specific subject 📚.

You have a question about one of your spheres of life 🧘‍♂️, I guide you through your angels 👼, your guides 🧚‍♂️, and the fairies 🧚‍♀️.

This guidance 🌟 is dedicated to a single question.

Eligible questions:

💖 Sentimental / In love

💼 Work / Finances

🌱 Evolution / Personal development

🏢 Project / Business

🤔 Decision to make in business

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family / Social

Operating mode :

1️⃣ You buy this guidance directly online

2️⃣ You send me your question by email to:


With your first name, last name, and date of birth 📆

I'm going to 🧘‍♀️ connect directly to your guides and create a video 🎥 of about 15 minutes ⏳ just for you.

Then, I will send you by email 📧 the link to the video (private YouTube) so that you can access it at your leisure 📺, and I will send you a written message 📬 with a photo of the cards 🃏 that I have drawn specially for you, directly in your email. 🌟

I will guide you through your current state of mind 😌, and I will give you the advice that your angels 👼 and your guides 🧚‍♂️ will have given me specifically for you.

I will send you 🌊 a wave of energy 🌟 to help you get through the difficult moment you are currently experiencing, and so that abundance 💰, love ❤️, and happiness 😄 come to you. 🌈💫

🌍 Service offered in French and worldwide 🌎


I don't go into other people's Akashic records 🔒 to spy unfortunately. Guides will not give me access to other people's archives and books 📚 without their permissions 🙅‍♂️.

Fairy Angelic Tarot

C$30.00 Regular Price
C$25.00Sale Price