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Complete ebook on the interpretation of the 25 runes


3 Practical prints

PDF document

62 pages

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To be able to practice runic magic you must necessarily have your own runes.

It is essential not to lend or borrow your game to anyone.

Runes are a personal magical tool.

Anyone who has chosen their set of runes will have

introduces his own “influences” into his games, consciously or unconsciously.

As a sacred alphabet, runes hold intense power that can be used for magical or personal purposes.

Each has its own potential and functions

unique magic spells, but you can combine them to create your own talismans as well.

Keep one thing in mind though:

Runes are very powerful and should not be taken lightly.

In this ebook you will find how to interpret the runes in both directions



And how to make your prints.

Complete with table of contents to do your research quickly, illustrated and simplified for beginners.


Introduction 3

Prints 6

Description of the 25 runes

Fehu 12

Uruz 14

Thurisaz 16

Ansuz 18

Raidho 20

Kaunaz 22

Gebo 24

Wunju 26

Hagalaz 28

Naudiz 30

Isaiah 32

Jara 34

Eihwaz 36

Perthu 38

Algiz 40

Sowulo 42

Thewaz 44

Berkana 46

Laguz 48

Mannaz 50

Ingwaz 52

Othala 54

Ehwaz 56

Dagaz 58

Wyrd white rune 60

The magic of the Futhark runes

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