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🌟 Lot of Accessories for Ritual and Incantation for protection 🌿

🕯️ Soy Candle for Connection

(Québec manufacturing)

Immerse yourself in a warm, calming glow, inviting deep connection with yourself and others.

🌿 Herb & Sage for Purification

(Québec manufacturing)

Purify your space with the gentle scent of herbs and sage, releasing negative energies to promote clarity and authenticity.

💎 Large Bracelet in Tiger Eye, Black Tourmaline and Hematite and Black Tourmaline Crystals

Complete protection with tiger's eye, hematite and black tourmaline.

🔑 Two Small Lucky Keys

Keep these symbols of luck and opening to new horizons close at hand, reminding you that the doors to love and connection are always open.

🔮 Rune of self-confidence in Quartz

Protection in all aspects of your life with this ancestral quartz rune, symbolizing strength and stability.

😇 Tiger’s Eye heart pendant

Wear this protective heart with pride, a symbol of heavenly guidance and divine protection on the path to love and connection.

😇 Mystery card for you from your spiritual guides

The advice of your guides is like a compass that guides you through the twists and turns of life. 🧭 Their words are like a precious map, revealing hidden paths and buried treasures. 🗺️ Listen to their message, let it enlighten you and guide you towards your destiny. ✨

Dare to venture on this journey of connection and love with our unique accessories, designed to nourish your soul and light your path to a life filled with magic and kindness. 🌟

All elements visible in the image!

Lot for Ritual - Incantation

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