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Pendant and 4-leaf clover of abundance - Citrine

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Note that each stone is unique, the colors may vary slightly from the photo but very little.

Known as the stone of wealth or abundance.

It is said to help open the mind to new thoughts and balance impatience and restlessness.

Citrine is considered good for promoting optimism.

It also attracts abundance, and is known as the "merchant's stone" being placed where one does business with an amethyst, not only will be able to acquire positive wealth, but also to keep it.

Good for mental focus, stamina and self-esteem.

Its golden waves will re-energize you.

Citrine is a generous quartz, vibrating with a warm energy like the summer sun. She is a precious ally in regaining the joy of living.

Also, if you are going through a difficult phase, whether at work or at home, the solar vibration of citrine will help you move forward.

His simple presence is enough to see the bright side of things and find hope. It is also ideal for regaining tone and physical shape.

A citrine stone will therefore accompany you all day to tap into your own inner sun, an inexhaustible source of energy and joy.

Also invite the transformative fire of citrine to change things. One of the few crystals that does not retain energy, it is indeed a powerful transmutation tool.

Pendant and 4-leaf clover of abundance - Citrine

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