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Pentacle of protection on chain

moon stone

Aids in communication by promoting clear thinking, inspiration or receptivity; assists in the fulfillment of one's own destiny. Provides balance and serves as an emotional stabilizer.

Increases intuition and perception of relationship harmonization. Stone of strength and inner growth, it balances emotions.

The pentacle

Non-Wiccans often fear this symbol, believing it to be satanic.

However, the meaning of the pentacle is completely different, it is a symbol of your love for nature.

The pentacle represents white magic, light and love.

These 5 branches symbolize Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit.

Surrounded in a circle, it is about the unity of the elements and the interconnection with spirit.

In addition to being an emblem with many symbolisms, wearing a pentacle necklace, bracelet or earrings will protect you from negative energies. The Pentacle is an indispensable tool of a modern witch.

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Pentacle of protection - Moonstone

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