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📚 Dive into the fascinating world of the power of intention with our inspiring book “The Power of Intention”. Explore the mysteries of conscious manifestation and discover how your thoughts and intentions can shape your reality.

🌳 Embody the strength and resilience of the Tree of Life with our stainless steel set including a pendant, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. These beautifully designed pieces are constant reminders of growth, vitality and connection to all things.

🔮 Use our protection tarot pendant to formulate and amplify your intentions. Engrave your desires and goals on this symbol of protection, and let its power guide you towards the manifestation of your deepest wishes.

🕯️ Create an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity with our two blue candles. The color blue is associated with inner peace, clear communication and the manifestation of intentions, creating an environment conducive to concentration and meditation.

🛍️ Strengthen your intention and protection with our organza bag filled with carefully selected crystals. These crystals act as energy amplifiers, helping to clarify your intentions and raise your vibration to attract what you desire into your life.

💖 Wear our two white jade and turquoise bracelets to amplify your manifestation energy and spiritual connection. White jade promotes inner peace and mental clarity, while turquoise provides protection and emotional healing, allowing you to manifest your intentions with ease and grace.

✨ With this complete set, you are ready to embrace the power of your intentions and create the life you truly desire.

Order now and begin your journey towards conscious manifestation and realization of your deepest dreams.

Power of intention

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