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Discover our special Renaissance - Inner Exploration bundle, designed to guide you on a profound journey of inner discovery and transformation.

Delve into the mysteries of your past lives, explore your inner connection and receive inspiring messages from your spirit guides.

Here's what this lot includes:

📚 Book “Our Past Lives” : Explore the mysteries of your past lives and discover how they influence your current life. This captivating guide will take you on a journey of inner discovery.

💫 Connection Bracelet : A bracelet designed to strengthen your inner connection and guide you towards a better understanding of yourself.

🌟 4 Futuark Runes of Connection : These runes will help you connect to your intuition and access the deep wisdom of your inner being.

💎 Clear Quartz Vial : Purify your mind and your environment with this clear quartz vial, ideal for eliminating negative energies and promoting mental clarity.

🔮 Raw Clear Quartz + 1 pendant : A raw clear quartz stone, perfect for energy balancing and meditation, allowing you to connect to your spiritual essence.

🛡️ Agate Protection Stone : Protect yourself from negative influences with this magnificent agate stone, known for its protective and anchoring properties.

🃏 2 Mystery Cards of Messages from your Guides : Receive inspiring and revealing messages from your spiritual guides to guide you on your path to rebirth.

Immerse yourself in this transformative experience and let yourself be guided into a new era of personal and spiritual growth.

Renaissane - Inner Exploration

C$89.95 Regular Price
C$59.95Sale Price

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