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🌟 Explore the magic of our Citrine, Brown Jasper, Lava Stone and Obsidian bracelet, enhanced with a unicorn charm: an enchanting combination of vitality and protection! 🦄💎

✨ Citrine brings joy and abundance, Brown Jasper symbolizes earthly stability, lava stone offers volcanic energy, while Obsidian is a powerful protective stone. The unicorn, icon of purity and magic, crowns this unique blend. 🌋🌈

💖 Wear this bracelet to attract joy, stability, and powerful protection while embracing magic and purity.

🎁 Treat yourself or a loved one to this unique piece of jewelry to symbolize vitality, stability and magic in your life. An extraordinary gift! 💕🎉

Explore the power of Citrine, Brown Jasper, Lava Stone, Obsidian and Unicorn with this exceptional bracelet - get yours now. 🛍️✨

✨ Made with passion by our talented Quebec artisan, Virginie, who has been part of our team for several years, our bracelets are more than just jewelry. They are authentic works of art, created with love. ❤️

🌟 Discover our incredible collection of available bracelets!


Explore our range of unique and beautiful bracelets. 💎✨

💖 Choose from a variety of styles to match your personality and style. 😍🌈

🛍️ Browse our selection and find the perfect bracelet to complete your look or give as a gift. 🎁💫

Vitality, abundance and protection

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