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Set of 3 pieces

Pendant on chain with pair of earrings


Note that each stone is unique, the colors may vary slightly from the photo but very little.

Use Dalmatian jasper for its action on the root chakra, the center of anchoring. It will help you keep your feet on the ground and take care of yourself every day, by being aware of your physical and emotional needs.

Protective, like man's best friend, Dalmatian Jasper will not let any bad vibrations pass into your personal energy field. The black tourmaline which forms its characteristic spots will immediately absorb the negative waves around you.

So wear a Dalmatian jasper stone in situations with heavy energies. Defeatist attitudes won't get to you, nor will spaces where stress reigns. In return, this original stone will invite you to bring kindness and joy of life to those who need it most.

Use the protection of Dalmatian jasper in particular to counter night terrors and nightmares, especially in children. So slip a Dalmatian jasper stone under your child's pillow. He or she will sleep soundly, fully reassured by the presence of this stone.

When, despite everything, you feel physically or emotionally overwhelmed, call on this toning stone to revitalize you. It will stimulate the body's energies to restore your vitality in no time, or invite you to take a well-deserved break.

Friendly and warm like a good companion, Dalmatian Jasper will also help you see your own failings or difficulties with compassion. With it, it will be easier to understand the origin of the problem in order to provide an effective solution.

But the stone will also highlight your strengths and your potential! By its simple presence, it will assure you that you have all the resources within you to create a life that suits you.

Dalmatian jasper is also invaluable in rebalancing Yin and Yang, Feminine and Masculine energies. Also, keep a Dalmatian jasper stone to harmonize constructive action with rest and contemplation.

Set - Dalmatian Jasper

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