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Eden Ensemble - °12 - Health & Healing

These sets are all unique

We only have 1 kit in stock of each

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You will obtain in this Eden kit:

🦄 Tarot pendant - The sun

Engraved on black mirror

Measures 40mm x 25mm

Value of $24.95

🦄 7 Chakra Pendulum

Clear Quartz Stone with Antique Brushed Metal

Chain for pendulum included

(If you want a neck chain, you will have to specify this in your order)

Value $34.95

🦄 Key to happiness as seen in photo

Value $9.95

🦄 1 polished stone and 1 chakra card - SURPRISE

Not in the photo -

It will be a stone that will be chosen by the chakra fairy and will come in an organza bag with a surprise chakra card that will be just for you.

This stone and surprise card will be so that you can work on the chakra that will be intended for you.

Value $19.95


Ebook imager of 30 crystals in PDF format which will be sent to you by email 24 hours after your purchase

Value $19.95

This kit is perfect for starting to develop your intuition with the tarot pendant, to rebalance the chakra that will be intended for you with the pendulum, the polished stone and the surprise card as well as to bring happiness into your life with the key to happiness.

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Eden set - °12

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