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In this unique kit, you will find a selection of precious items carefully chosen to accompany you on your spiritual and esoteric journey.

Semi-precious stone :

Pendant: Sodalite

Bracelet: Sodalite, howlite and jasper

Communication: Sodalite is often associated with clear communication and self-expression. It is believed to foster confidence in public speaking and expressing one's thoughts.

Calm: This stone is known to bring a feeling of inner peace, serenity and calm. It can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Intuition: Sodalite is considered a stone that stimulates intuition and creativity. It can help develop one's artistic sense and find creative solutions to problems.

Emotional balance: It promotes emotional balance by helping to release pent-up emotions and manage inner conflicts.

Mental Clarity: Sodalite is also used to improve concentration, logic and decision-making. It can help you see situations more objectively.

What this set contains:

First of all, you will discover a magnificent bracelet made with pride in Quebec.

This bracelet is much more than just an accessory; it is charged with positive energies and special intentions to accompany you on a daily basis.

✨ Made with passion by our talented Quebec artisan, Virginie, who has been part of our team for several years, our bracelets are more than just jewelry. They are authentic works of art, created with love. ❤️

Its design and materials are carefully selected to offer you a piece of jewelry of quality and beauty.

Next, you will find a pendant hanging from a black waxed cotton rope.

The choice you make will be the best for you!

You will receive a special surprise futhark rune , chosen for you.

Futhark runes are powerful Viking symbols that carry deep meanings.

The rune you receive will be a personal lucky charm, charged with positive energies and protection.

But that's not all !

In this kit, you will also discover three cards as mentioned in the video, carefully selected by your guides.

These cards were drawn especially for you, and each of them carries a message from your spiritual guides.

These messages can provide guidance, clarity, and inspiration for your spiritual path.

Finally, I will take the time to personally write a message for you.

This message will be based on the cards I have drawn, as well as my intuitive feelings.

It will be delivered to you with care and love, in the hope that it will bring you guidance and comfort on your journey.

This kit is much more than just a set of items, it is a personalized and spiritual experience designed to accompany you on your journey.

Each element has been chosen and prepared with special intention to help you move forward on your path of personal and spiritual growth.

While hoping that it will bring you joy, enlightenment and connection with your inner being."

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To recap, here's what you'll find in this kit